Saturday, September 09, 2006

World's Largest Card Sort gets the Green Light

Looking for volunteers for a big multi-cultural card sort ...

"Society for Technical Communication (STC) is encouraging people to get involved in two major activities for World Usability Day 2006: the World's Largest Online Card Sort and working on a Usability Competition.

November 14th 2006 is this year's World Usability Day. Technically 36-hours long, from dawn in New Zealand to sunset in San Francisco, it ran world-wide with hundreds of activities last year, and plans this year are even more ambitious.

One of the most ambitious plans to date is the co-ordination of a massive card sorting exercise. Card sorting is an information architecture analysis technique that can be applied to understand cultural differences in how information is understood, but is more often used in local settings. STC is looking for volunteers to help with the organisation but, more importantly, volunteers around the world who will set up local groups to participate in the card sort, and contribute to a world-wide exercise that will help understand regional and cultural variations in how people think about information."   (Continued via Usability News)   [Usability Resources]


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