Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Andy Budd: About User Experiences And Design

Merging disciplines for web design ...

"For people that just joined in. Andy Budd breaths and eats the brave new web, if you don’t already you should try it. Our interviewee is into CSS-based webdesign, user experiences, web standards, accessibility. And above all he likes to talk about this stuff a lot at conferences we all have heard about: @media and SxSW Interactive. In sunny (??) Brighton, he runs ClearLeft, a user experience consultancy. He does this alongside Jeremy Keith and Richard Rutter.

Imagine me and Andy Budd sitting at a coffee table drinking a cup of tea. And we are in the middle of a conversation …

FAD: Is the profession of webdesigner moving more towards interaction design that is graphic design + information design + human-computer interaction?
Andy: Most definitely. As the industry matures, website owners and users want more than just a pretty interface. Website owners want to differentiate their products and services from their competition by providing their customers with a better experience. Users want something that solves real problems in an enjoyable and easy to use way.

The concept of user experience may be relatively new on the web, but we’ve seen this cycle many times before. Take consumer electronics. Early products are usually expensive and feature-poor. As the industry grows, the technology is the first thing to get refined and so companies start competing on looks instead of features. Once product lines start to become both fashionable and technically identical, the next logical step is to make them easier and more pleasurable to use."    (Continued via Fadtastic)    [Usability Resources]


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