Monday, October 23, 2006

BBC talks to Apple's Wozniak about Computers for Real People

An interesting MP3 podcast interview with Steve Wozniak ...

"BBC Radio FiveLive's Simon Mayo spoke to Steve Wozniak, the designer of the first Apple PC, last week. The interview is still avaiable at the moment on the website (linked below). Caught at London's Science Museum (the programme also looks at the new "Game On" exhibition there), Wozniak is on fine, user-centred, form.

He touches on interface design: he was aware that calculators had a more human-understandable interface than computers. 'I said: why don't I make the computer the same way as we make our calculators...?' Every computer since the Apple I has been built with a keyboard.'

He looks at organisations and innovation. And then he moves on to the rate of technological change. 'OK, right now the number of gadget-type projects, everything that has a computer in, is so huge, so huge. But which are the major, major steps? The computer and how we use it in our lives doesn't change that much in just one, two, three... even five years. We pretty much have our computer life figured out. We pretty much know even what we are going to be doing with it five years from now.

'Whereas there was a time when things were changing so drastically that every time you saw a new programme you said: "Oh my God, here is a new category of things we are going to do in our life!". It was shocking: revolution after revolution in the early days of personal computers. Nowadays Word is Word is Word, it's just improved a little.'"    (Continued via Usability News)    [Usability Resources]


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