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Compatibility in Word 2007 – Part IV

The Word 2007 user interface design ...

"In my previous posts I talked about Compatibility in Word 2007, what it means to be in Compatibility Mode and how you get out of Compatibility Mode in Word 2007. In today's post I am going to talk about Compatibility in Word 2007 as a collaboration scenario. That is, getting into and out of Compatibility Mode and the concept of feature refresh.

... Compatibility Checker
As mentioned in my post about Compatibility Mode, Compatibility Mode ensures that the editing environment in Word 2007 is similar to Word 2003. While in Compatibility Mode, you will not be able to add content that was not available in previous versions of Word. On the other hand, while in Full Functionality Mode you will have access to all Word 2007 features.

The following questions come to mind:

What happens when I go from Full Functionality Mode to Compatibility Mode?
What happens if I want to save an Office Open XML Format with new Word 2007 content as one of the older file formats, like .doc?
Since older file formats, like .doc, and older versions of Word cannot support some of the new Word 2007 features we have introduced a feature called Compatibility Checker. This feature comes in handy when you are collaborating with someone using an older version of Word.

The Compatibility Checker displays a list of any content in the document that may not appear the same or be fully editable when the document is opened in older versions of Word. I will provide a list of affected features as soon as I discuss the concept of feature refresh.

There are two ways that the Compatibility Checker can be launched:

- Save As operation from one of the new Office Open XML Formats to an older file format, like .doc
- User clicks Run Compatibility Checker on the Office Button Prepare menu"    (Continued via The Microsoft Office Word Team's Blog)    [Usability Resources]

Office 2007 Compatibility - Usability, User Interface Design

Office 2007 Compatibility


Blogger Brian Milne said...

Great info on Word 2007. I however have had some problems with the 2007 beta and had to delete it from my machine, which brings me to my problem. I have a document that I designed in word 2007 but can no longer access it because the word 2000 and 2003 editions I have don't recognized the .docx extension and the 2007 beta is no longer available for download. I've tried adding the converter update to the 2000 and 03 editions but I still get an error message when I try to open the file. Do you have any suggestions or is there any way I can email you this and have you save it down to a normal .doc so I can access it. It's basically the first few chapters of a trail guide book I've written and I can't afford to lose the info. Let me know if you can help me out. Thanks a million. Brian (

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