Monday, October 02, 2006

Guidelines for usable online flight booking services

UI tips for travel website ...

"The usability firm Webcredible has published 10 guidelines to help online travel companies to improve their online flight booking process:

1. Provide a clearly-labeled first step of the booking process on the home page
2. Provide a calendar
3. Help users find the cheapest flight by encouraging them to be flexible with their dates
4. Promote your cheapest fares and explain how to get them
5. Use a map to show where you fly to/from
6. Provide details on how to get to airports
7. Display prices in different currencies
8. Show the price in full as soon as possible
9. Make it easy to look for another flight
10. Make pages print-friendly

The guideless are based on a study of 25 of UK's biggest online agencies. Some of the guidelines are also relevant and transferable to other online booking services."    (Continued via GUUUI)    [Usability Resources]


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