Friday, October 20, 2006

Hyper-Reality Head-Dome Projector

Interesting new display concept ...

"Toshiba has unveiled a new head-mounted display - the "Hyper-Reality Head-Dome Projector" that allows the wearer to experience a full 360-degree view on a 40 centimetre dome-shaped screen... here are some technical details (from SID2006)

... "the system consists of a compact dome-shaped screen with a radius of 40 cm, a mobile projector with ultra-wide projection lens, and LED light sources. The system exhibits a wide viewing angle of 120° horizontally by 70° vertically without head tracking, and 360° × 360° with head tracking."    (Continued via Positive Technology Journal )    [Usability Resources]

360 Degree Display - Usability, User Interface Design

360 Degree Display


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