Sunday, October 15, 2006

IBM aims for user-friendly mainframe

Usability coming to mainframes ...

"IBM will spend $100 million over the next five years to make its mainframe line easier to administer and program, the company said Wednesday.

IBM's decades-old mainframe lineage, called System z and running the z/OS operating system, has grown increasingly distant from mainstream computing with the rise of computers running Unix, Windows and Linux. Big Blue is trying to change that with a modern user interface, visual programming tools and other developments, the company said.

IBM has introduced several usability improvements with its new mainframe operating system, z/OS V1R8, IBM said, and will focus its future work on four specific areas:

• A modern user interface to let current and future administrators configure hardware.

• New visual programming tools so novices can learn mainframe programming quickly.

• Better tools to govern software costs and to simplify software acquisition. Recurring software payments are a major contributor to the expense of mainframe operations.

• Automated checking of configurations to let administrators and programmers predict and avoid technical problems."    (Continued via )    [Usability Resources]


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