Saturday, October 21, 2006

Innovative user interface design

Some interesting new UI's ...

"Increasing numbers of websites are developing new types of user interface design, taking advantage of users’ increasing levels of Internet-sophistication and faster connections. These new interfaces often allow users to view and manipulate large quantities of data.

This article will have a look at some of the more interesting user interface design ideas we’ve come across recently:

• Slider-based filtering
• Fisheye menus
• Treemaps
• Drag-and-drop

The point of this article is not to promote any of these user interface designs, but rather to offer them for the purposes of interest and inspiration. Although we have yet to run any large-scale usability testing on them, we consider each to have the potential (if used in the appropriate circumstances) to offer interesting possibilities for supporting users in the performance of their tasks.

Slider-based filtering
The user interface design of Amazon’s Diamond Search uses click-and-drag sliders to allow users to broaden and narrow a wide range of filtering criteria. The page then automatically updates to show how many results conform to the users’ selected criteria.

This can be used to create an intuitive and informative interface, making it easy for users to search through a large data set:"    (Continued via uiGarden)    [Usability Resources]

Amazon Diamond Search - Usability, User Interface Design

Amazon Diamond Search


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