Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Lack of control" induced panic

Designing a beautiful website at the expense of usability ...

"Website designers, I know you want to create a beautiful site. I want you to as well. I also understand that technology marches on, progress is made, conventions are broken, new standards evolve, etc etc. I understand that design, art, and implementation is often on the cutting edge and ahead of it's time. But please designers... please don't throw usability in the trash in the process. Please don't take control away from me... I own my interface, not you. Function doesn't have to follow form, form doesn't have to follow function. You can have functioning form.

This website has an navigation scheme that takes control away from me. It's a gigantic field of icons that you can surf through and click on things you're interested in. The problem is that the site is all in flash and there is no vertical scroll bar!

Helpfully, the designer placed the purple buttons to quickly get to the top or bottom of the listings, but getting to something in the middle is very frustrating. This appears to only be accomplished by using the mouse scroll wheel, which moves *way* too slow for me...and you can't even use the mouse scroll while your mouse is hovering in the field of icons.. you have to move it off to the side."    (Continued via User Centered)    [Usability Resources]

Bad Navigation - Usability, User Interface Design

Bad Navigation


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