Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Now THIS is a nice knife!

Designing a more usable, attractive, and safer everyday product ...

... "As usual, I needed a utility knife and couldn’t find one of the dozen or so I’ve purchased in the past so went to get a new one. I came across this knife. It’s amazing. Well, ‘amazing’ for a utility knife. See that yellow button? Blade dull? Push the button, yank the blade. See the black lever on the bottom? Squeeze it and a new blade magically appears!

Since college, my utility knife experience has mainly consisted of those metal things that you have to unscrew and then the guts fall out and you fumble to put it back together with the new blade and screw it back on, so you get pissed, and don’t change the blade as often as you should, and then the dull blade messes up your work, and then you get even more pissed… This knife solves all of that.

Nice to see someone paying attention to the little things we all hate but never get around to fixing ourselves."    (Continued via MNteractive)    [Usability Resources]

A Better Utility Knife - Usability, User Interface Design

A Better Utility Knife


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