Sunday, October 29, 2006

Prototyping beyond the sunshine scenario

The use of prototypes to see if deviations work ...

"Prototypes often model one flow of interaction – the path that users are most likely to take. But when we create interaction designs with dynamic and complex flows, we often need to include deviations from the sunshine scenarios to see whether they work. In this article, we'll look at how to do this Visio and Axure.

The days are long over where the hardest decision designers of web solutions had to make was whether the navigation should go in the top or to the left. Today, we are being tasked with more and more complex design challenges, such as checkouts at online shops, reservations systems, product comparisons, self-service systems, product configurators, and so on.

The flow of interaction in such designs is more dynamic and complex than the page-to-page flow of traditional websites. And the more dynamic and complex, the more likely it is that people can't find their way through the maze. Therefore, dynamic flows require close attention from designers.

Exceptions and variations
There are two reasons why a user might experience a deviation from the sunshine scenario: exceptions and variations.

Exceptions are scenarios where people do things that the backend system can't process. We might for example mistype our password when we try to sign in at"    (Continued via GUUUI)    [Usability Resources]

Error message at - Usability, User Interface Design

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