Saturday, October 14, 2006

Push my button

Designing push buttons to make them more attractive and usable ...

"If there’s one element I think doesn’t get enough respect, it’s gotta be button. It’s played second fiddle to input in tutorials and form examples for as long as I can remember. The few times it actually did get some attention, the lowly button was used and abused by the DHTML crowd—forced to accept obtrusive inline event handlers and other such nefarious crimes against semantic markup.

In fact, I think the atrocities committed against the button element have directly contributed to its scarcity in today’s web applications—its reputation tarnished, its meaning lost. Consequently, few modern web developers ever consider this protean form control for their projects. That’s a real shame; button is quite flexible and is a great asset to have in your HTML toolbox. Let’s begin our exploration of this undervalued element by examining its usage in comparison to the common input elements that have taken its place."    (Continued via Digital Web Magazine)    [Usability Resources]

Push Button Designs - Usability, User Interface Design

Push Button Designs


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