Friday, October 13, 2006

UI Conf: Luke Wroblewski on Visual Design in the Development Process

How we select website color schemes ...

"Management “i hate purple” - the visceral side with immediate reaction. look-and-feel level.

But there is a deeper Structural, visual side. Structure underlining level.

Example: airport map. This example i use over and over again.
* no airplanes
* every single color is as saturated as can be
* small toggle arrows hide important symbol explanation

* primary purpose: see airplane traffic
* airport map is background
* same color map

Example: Yahoo! desktop.
Redesign: “where did your eye go?” [to the center main column]

So, visual design draws your eye to what’s important and tells a little story about what’s important

“If you cant’ make it good, make it red. if you can’t make it red, make it bold. If you can’t make it bold, make it big” This is sort of a classic design example: Red, Bold, Black, Big.

how we use the web
What we design for:
read read read read read … pause for reflection

What people do:
scan for something vaguely relevant… click! and then back if not relevant.

How come people don’t realize when they smell, but everybody else notice?
- because human brain is designed to register change.

Summary: Group visual information
* Proximity - elements close together are perceived as a group
* Similarities - of shape, size, color can group elements
* Continuance - grouped through basic patterns
* Closure - group elements by space filled between them"    (Continued via    [Usability Resources]


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