Thursday, October 12, 2006

What Is User Experience Design

A good definition and discussion about the definition of user experience design ...

"User experience design can sometimes be a slippery term. With all the other often used terms that float around in its realm in the technology and web space: interaction design, information architecture, human computer interaction, human factors engineering, usability, and user interface design. People often end up asking “what is the difference between all these fields and which one do I need?” This article examines the term and field of user experience to plainly extrapolate its meaning and connect the dots with these other fields.

Formal Definition of User Experience
Before we begin to explore what the design of user experience is, it would help to first understand what the latter means:

User experience is a term used to describe the overall experience and satisfaction a user has when using a product or system. It most commonly refers to a combination of software and business topics, such as selling over the web, but it applies to any result of interaction design. Wikipedia definition

Based on this definition, then, user experience is the characterization of what a user feels while using any product, this can extend from a car to a mobile phone to a magazine or a child’s toy. Most commonly, however the specific term ‘user experience’ is applied to that of software, web applications and digital devices whereas the more general user-product experiences are referred to as ‘experience design.’"    (Continued via Paradyme)    [Usability Resources]

Definition of User Experience Design - Usability, User Interface Design

Definition of User Experience Design


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