Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why Design is on the HCI Agenda

The role of design in HCI will be theme for OZCHI 2006 ...

"It was not so long ago that designers of information technology just assumed, quite reasonably, that the technology we built would be used within some workplace to support, enable and/or mediate the work of those who would be using it. But these days, we no longer assume that the technology we design will be used within specific workplaces by a known and relatively unchanging group of users.

The development and increasing availability of mobile, wireless and sensing technologies have all enabled the growing private use of information and communication technologies and the rapid spread of interactive technologies to all kinds of use domains. This shift away from the constraints of technology design for traditional work environments is an exciting and at times confusing development for those of us committed to the various practices of HCI; we find ourselves building very different kinds of technology within very different kinds of design environments from those that initially defined HCI and its development. At the same time, practitioners and researchers within other long established design traditions such as architecture, graphic and product design are increasingly designing interactive technologies as part of their routine practices within these design domains.

So, the theme of OZCHI 2006 to be held in Sydney in November is "Design: activities, artefacts and environments". This is the first OZCHI to focus on design as its theme. OZCHI 2006 is about how we do human-centred technology design and we sought contributions from those design approaches and traditions that have not always been central to Human-Computer Interaction in the past including: product design, built environments, new media and other areas where the design of interactive technology is practised."    (Continued via Usability News)    [Usability Resources]


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