Monday, November 20, 2006

Buyers line up for Nintendo Wii

Beating the competition with usability and user experience ...

"Nintendo's new Wii games console has gone on sale in the US, competing against Sony and Microsoft.

... Nintendo hopes the Wii, designed to be more accessible than rival machines, will boost its fortunes.

Nintendo has decided to opt-out of the "arms race" of the current round of consoles, that has seen Microsoft and Sony play a game of brinkmanship with their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 machines.

Both firms have positioned their consoles as home entertainment hubs, offering high definition gaming and film playback, along with digital downloads and high-specification graphics and central processor chips.

Instead, Nintendo has attempted to re-design the gaming experience, opting for a controller which looks like a remote control but is motion sensitive, offering gamers a potentially simpler but at the same time more immersive experience.

The games for the machine have also been designed to be more accessible, with a focus on casual and family gaming.

Analysts and experts are divided over whether Nintendo will be able to break down the barriers between gamers and non-gamers but the firm has a track record of innovation."    (Continued via BBC NEWS)    [Usability Resources]

Nintendo Wii - Usability, User Interface Design

Nintendo Wii


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