Monday, November 20, 2006

The electronic gentleman or why usability is the precondition of sexiness

Usability creating sexiness ...

"Call me a megalomaniac, but I am expecting mail from Steve Jobs, Jakob Nielsen and the CEO of either VW, Mercedes, GM or BMW. And I think that I am going to get a little present from the marketing department of McDonalds and Coca-Cola. Ah yeah, Scrivs and Cameron Moll should also appear in my mailbox one of these days. Why? Because I sent them a couple of emails with a couple of questions. I am not absolutely expecting those guys to answer my emails, but if they do they would certainly strengthen their image as electronic gentleman.

The theory
• Usability is defined by the friendliness of your interfaces. It’s goal is interaction.
• Once the user is ready to interact, classic communicational skills come into play, and this is where it gets hot.
• The combination of interface friendliness and communicational skills defines the electronic gentleman or the electronic lady as electronically sexy."    (Continued via Information Architects Japan)    [Usability Resources]

Neo, The Electronic Gentleman - Usability, User Interface Design

Neo, The Electronic Gentleman


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