Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Information Architecture is in the DNA of Design (On Evolving not Dying)

Perhaps IA is not dead after all ...

"Rumours of the impending death of Information Architecture have been greatly exaggerated, but I think it is true that the Information Architect you were five years ago is very different to what you’ll be in five years time. (In fact, it’s probably very different already).

These rumours seem to have been kicked off by ‘important people in IA’ seemingly rejecting the IA community by moving onto other things - starting a new company, being interested in things that occur off the screen, finding themselves doing more Interaction Design than IA, or more strategic business thinking than sitemapping.

These are important symptoms, but they’re not fatal. It’s more about metamorphosis, adaptation, evolution. And that’s exciting (and just a little scary, sometimes).

As I see it, there are three important trends impacting on Information Architecture practice today - the content and categories we work with, our relationship with our ‘audience’, and our work practices."    (Continued via disambiguity)    [Usability Resources]

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