Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jakob Nielsen's Boo-Boo

Everyone can error when it comes to interface design ...

"So I get this link on a newsletter that informs me that Dr. Nielsen will be holding usability conferences around the globe - one in a city only a few hours drive from where I live. Clicking on the link 2/3rds the way down the newsletter, I find myself on a nice, concise and easy to navigate page that provided me with all the information I need.

Sold on the idea of attending, I see and click on one of the links on the left column menu under each conference city entitled "Registration" for the locale of my desire - only to find that I can't register.

Meaning, when you click on them, you get the ubiquitous basic authentication username and password dialog with no instructions on how to enter said page - meaning, it would appear why they want you to register for their conference, they've thrown down a frustrating step into the process that forces a user to come back some other day.

I suspect this occurred by not testing all the links on a machine that wasn't already authenticated. Even if this encumbrance occurs for some other reason, not the best way to pimp one's expertise in the area of usability."    (Continued via Web Pages That Suck)    [Usability Resources]

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