Friday, November 03, 2006

Luke Wroblewski Design Philosophy Interview

Design philosophy Podcast interview with Luke Wroblewski ...

"Few of my interviewees have come to me more highly recommended than Luke Wroblewski. A multitude of my web design and user interface friends told me that I absolutely had to do an interview with him. Why, you might ask?

Because he's off-the-charts good at what he does - interface and product design. Currently, he's the principal designer for Yahoo's social media efforts, running his own highly-regarded design firm, writing one of the leading blogs in the space (Functioning Form), and lecturing frequently on topics related to the web and design.

Luke was nice enough to share his design philosophy, the biggest mistake he sees designers making today, his major design pet peeve, and more."    (Continued via MarketingMonger)    [Usability Resources]


Anonymous Danny said...

Great blog, i really like to read the stuff you put up here, thanks Danny

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Blogger Usernomics said...

Thanks Danny. Much appreciated.


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