Friday, November 03, 2006

The power of rough edges

Authenticity in site design using interior decorating as a model ...

... "Authentic simplicity

Ho’s take on simplicity is also interesting. To him, less stuff to be organized is a better solution then an organizing system. The goal is attaining authentic simplicity, not the veneer of simplicity.

What he disavows is inauthentic simplicity. From his perspective, no one should go out and buy drawer dividers to better organize their socks; they should have fewer socks and throw them in a drawer with enough room to distinguish the black ones from the navy ones.
Folksy sites
Getting back to the web realm, here are some more examples of site designs with authentic, personal style."    (Continued via 37signals)    [Usability Resources]

Physics of Passion - Usability, User Interface Design

Physics of Passion


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