Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Save Button Usability Issues

Do we really need a Save button? ...

"The other Day I noted that the Restart button in Windows probably appeared because of buggy software.

It was a frequent task that people used often, hence there was a value in combining the two steps (shut down, then start) into one Restart action.

This is a lot like the “save” button, where I heard the argument that it’s invented by engineers to move data memory to disk back in the days where tape and disk space was incredibly expensive (and time consuming): Many computers didn’t even have disk or tape. There was an extra need to actively decide to get that delay it took to save stuff. Nowadays, some smart web applications offer automatic save (for example GMail and Writely)."    (Continued via justaddwater)    [Usability Resources]

Gmail Auto Save - Usability, User Interface Design

Gmail Auto Save


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