Saturday, November 04, 2006

The ultimate webdesign usability checklist

A list of 88 reminders for good website usability ...

"I noticed that I, and fellow webdesigners, keep making the same usability mistakes over and over. This checklist with 88 questions is a must read for every webdesigner who cares about usability.

This website,, is not designed by me. Giving me the perfect excuse why this website doesn’t pass my own usability checklist. But I would love to hear your comments and don’t forget to let me know when you can answer the whole checklist with ‘yes’!

Note that my design company is called Achtentachtig, which means Eighty Eight in Dutch, that’s why there are 88 questions in this checklist. Just to let you know.

Enough talking, let’s start!


• Did you validate your (X)HTML using W3C Markup Validation Service?
• Did you validate your CSS using W3C CSS Validation Service?
• Did you check your website in at least IE, FF, Opera and Safari?


• Did you add the ALT and TITLE attributes to all your important images?
• Did you add the LONGDESC attributes to all your image that need a description?
• Did you write effective ALT text?
• Did you make the size of your pages less then 50KB?
• Did you choose the appropriate filetype for your images?
• Did you add a description to images that support your content?
• Did you use plain text instead of images for important content?"    (Continued via Not Usable)    [Usability Resources]


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