Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Usability is neglected in favour of cost-cutting

The cost of buying cheap printers with bad usability ...

"UK users are failing to reap efficiency and productivity rewards from their IT equipment because cost is often the main consideration for purchasing, according to a new survey by Samsung.

The UseIT Survey polled 2,000 office workers from a range of industries and found that a quarter said printers are the products they spend the most time trying to fix, while half said they spend up to 10 minutes a day fixing jams, costing businesses in terms of lost productivity.

In addition, nearly 60 percent said they print material and fail to collect it, while 57 percent said they have found and read confidential information on a printer, highlighting security risks.

... "Too often IT departments are not thinking about usability, they are thinking about the cost drivers [when buying kit]," argued Berville. "The challenge for the IT department is how do you calculate the costs of [health and safety] issues?"    (Continued via IT Week)    [Usability Resources]


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