Thursday, November 23, 2006

What does it mean to humanize an interface vs. humanizing a system?

Designing a humane interface with clarity ...

"A recent blog post by Jono DiCarlo of Humanized about dealing with splog brought to mind the above question. In it they apply the theories of Jef Raskin's Humane Interface - the very basic foundation of the company's philosophy - against the problem of dealing with spam on their blog. What is apparent to their analysis is that their design solution designs a tree without re-designing the forest in which that tree stands. This to me is the core difference between interface design and interaction design. And quite frankly one of the issues I have with a lot of usability practice, but that is a separate issue. When designing an interactive product with many stakeholders and a wide variety of user types, you can't apply "Humane Interface" theories too plainly. They are a good guideline, but need to be applied holistically and with flexibility. That is probably true for any theory. Take a read of the post and comments on the Humanized Blog (links above)."    (Continued via Engage!)    [Usability Resources]


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