Saturday, December 30, 2006

Design Comics Templates 1.0, Part I

Comic templates ready for use ...

"Remember those comic storyboard examples I posted a while ago? I also promised I would post complete slides with characters and scenes as they became available. The first batch is ready, so here they are:

Comic Storyboard Examples - Usability, User Interface Design

Comic Storyboard Examples

You can use these characters and scenes in storyboards, presentations and brainstorming during product development; they're free for you to use. I do ask that you include a short credit in your finished work (see the slides), but other than that we encourage you to get creative and use them however you like as a base for graphic storytelling in your company or organization. If you enjoy them or have additional ideas, please post a comment to this blog.

About the Scenes

The scenes here were developed to illustrate use of web sites and computer products, but you could use them as a foundation for telling a user-centered for almost any product. Here's an example of what the range of images looks like:"    (Continued via    [Usability Resources]

Comic Storyboard Images - Usability, User Interface Design

Comic Storyboard Images


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