Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Design Globalization: Part 1

The effects of glogalization on design ...

"Dirk Knemeyer
The original Design Futures conversation touched on a lot of different things, but one of the points that really deserves the most attention is globalization. While the offshoring of jobs from the U.S. continues to get most of the press, the reality and impact of globalization is so much more nuanced and complex. At the most basic level, globalization is:

• Creating a dramatically larger knowledge workforce
• Creating a culturally and geographically diverse knowledge workforce
• Creating new, emerging consumer markets
• Extending the capitalist paradigm into heretofore "underdeveloped" cultures
• Creating new cross-culture complexity (and opportunities) for expansion-minded companies and products
• Creating myriad new companies, originating in new cultures and with different mindsets, vision and strategies

And this is just for starters. But what I hope this list clearly communicates is the real breadth and impact of globalization: for designers, business, culture, governments - everyone in the developed or developing world.

I know that each of you have some really thoughtful and well-formed insights on globalization; Niti, thinking about the future of design in the context of globalization, why don't you kick off our conversation?"    (Continued via Functioning Form)    [Usability Resources]


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