Friday, December 22, 2006

Design Globalization: Part 4

Communicating design principles globally ...

"Part four of Design Globalization: a conversation aabout the impact of large scale global changes, outsourcing, and international design training/firms on design and designers (be sure to check out part three first).

Luke Wroblewski
First of all, let me acknowledge Dirk’s point about needing to look beyond design for global business success. Product Design, Design Thinking, and Design Principles all are an important part of the equation but they are not the only variables involved. As I mentioned in the Lifecycle of Design conversation: “sometimes a strategic business partnership is what enables a superior customer experience”. In the case of global markets, this is very often the case.

It’s also true that the design community has a tendency to discuss the importance of issues like context and culture amongst themselves but not with a broader audience. As evidenced by a recent quote from the Silicon Valley Product Group:

“[the design community] does a good job communicating among themselves, but in general I think these guys spend a lot of time preaching to the choir, and that the message about the value they deliver needs to get to those teams that need them the most, and these are the teams without designers.”

If you amplify this problem globally, it’s great if we get an international contingent of designers talking amongst themselves –but will that really address the state of global flux in which many companies find themselves? Let me suggest an additional approach."    (Continued via Functioning Form)    [Usability Resources]


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