Saturday, December 02, 2006

`Easy to use` products are in

Usability is attracting worldwide interest during the early design stage ...

"Outsourcing Product Development (OPD) is set to emerge as a $8-11 billion industry by 2009 from the current $3 billion market estimates.

Sensing the opportunity here, Indian OPD players are now focusing on ‘usability’ as a core offering to move up the value chain. The premise is that only 35 per cent of any application is utilised by end-users. The remaining 65 per cent lacks ‘usability’.

“The focus of usability engineering is on the end user, where every product whether software or hardware is rated on the basis of how well can it be used by the end user,” explains Vardha Raju, vice-president, Symphony Services.

He further adds, “Generally definition of quality products is bug free products, but that is not the only measure. Ease of use is equally important.”

“Client penetration, new customer wins and more importantly, climbing up in the value chain and addressing strategic issues for our clients,” says Jhumkee Iyenger, head (Usability), Persistent Technologies which started offering usability engineering as an important components in the initial stages of the product development lifecycle over a year ago to its clients.

“We expect the number of our customers using this service to double from 15 to 30 in the next 12 months,” she asserts.

Usability was earlier closely associated only with design of web sites, computer portals, car dash boards, etc. However, over the years it is becoming popular within the IT/ BPO industry.

BPOs employ usability engineering to design their processes where all three parties – client, employees and company – benefit from the ease of use resulting in the process."    (Continued via Tech World)    [Usability Resources]


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