Saturday, December 09, 2006

How to get Clients to look at Wireframes...Properly

Inspection-led personas to get clients to pay attention ...

"It was the same old story. I was working with Whitney Quesenbery on some wireframes for a client’s web site. As usual, she’d done a lovely job on the design. As usual, I’d fussed around with content. We’d done our usual cross-checking and refinement. Proudly, we emailed them off.

And nothing happened.

We gently reminded the client that we needed their comments.

And nothing happened.

Now, I don’t blame the client here. It’s an important website but they had a lot going on that was higher priority. And perhaps it was better to have no response than a rushed one. But here we were, needing to move forward, and we had to find a way to do it. Sound familiar?

Last year, I wrote about Persona-led Heuristic Inspection, the technique developed by Ginny Redish and Dana Chisnell to solve some of the problems of heuristic inspections of websites. And I’ve been using a similar technique for ages as the basis of expert reviews of forms.

So we thought: maybe a persona-led inspection could work as a way of getting our clients to look at our wireframes. So we did, it was a success, we had our feedback.

Hmm... that wasn’t much of a story, was it? So let’s dig into it a little deeper."    (Continued via Usability News)    [Usability Resources]


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