Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Packaging Design for Web-based Products

How to package Web-based applications ...

"Rip. Crinkle. Pop. The sounds of unpacking that eagerly anticipated product you just brought home from the store are music to the ears. Each successive layer of packaging reveals new information or reiterates the reasons you put down your hard-earned money for the consumer goodness now in your hands.

From the moment you spied this striking product on the store shelf, read through its virtues, and were moved enough to purchase it for yourself, to the final moments of releasing it from its protective yet seductive shell, you were under the spell of its packaging design.

... Shouting in packaging design is an attempt to capture the initial attention of customers: to get them to consider an alternative to their usual purchase and explore this new product. As web application shelf-space gets more crowded, the need to shout becomes more pronounced. Though sometimes mocked in web design circles, the large fonts and brightly colored buttons that typify Web 2.0 application design can be thought of as an online shout that asks web users to consider a new product offering."    (Continued via Digital Web Magazine)    [Usability Resources]

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