Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pliability as an experiential quality: Exploring the aesthetics of interaction design

A paper in PDF format about the aesthetics of user interaction design ...

"Finally! a GREAT!!!! example of a quality of interaction design aesthetics explained. In this case by Jonas Löwgren of Malmö University’s School of Arts and Communication.

Jonas wrote the article a while back, but I finally got to it this past week with my new long commute. This is one of the first theoretical articles about the aesthetics of interaction design I have read in a long time that I feel I can put to practical use almost immediately.

The article requires a good read by itself, but Jonas is using the term pliability in a very interesting way. I do have to remove myself from the word a bit and just go with it. I kept saying if this was called “Foo” would it still make sense, and the answer is definitely YES!

But the gist of it is that “pliability” in my best interpretation means the direction level of connection between a user’s physical action (type, click, drag, scroll, etc.) and the systems virtual reaction to that action. That tightness of this event can correlate to the positive affect with the system as a whole."    (Continued via    [Usability Resources]


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