Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So you Wanna be a Design Strategist? (Part 3)

Part three of being a design strategist ...

In part three of our So you Wanna be a Design Strategist? series, Bryan Zmijewski rounds off the eleven skills of a Design Strategist. Be sure to check out part two of the series first.

8. Bottom Up Strategy
Designers are in a unique position to control a company's vision through a visual--they're probably the only people who are consistently expected to show up with colorful items at staff meetings. Take advantage of your visual aids--use a ‘hands on approach’ to get people rallying behind ideas. Designers tend to be ‘doers’ rather than 'dwellers', so use your vision to change the course of business planning by implementing ideas. Waiting on management to decide on a direction can have a negative impact on momentum of a project. Take some risks.

Now, if that doesn't sound good, you could always try to justify your ideas the same way the folks in accounting do--with reams of spreadsheets. But when is the last time you saw people get excited about a spreadsheet? For every 10 people, most organizations already have 9 workers doing paper jobs. Break up status quo.

9. Know that you will fail, and how to do it
Good design stimulates emotion, inspires participation and gets people engaged. But not every design that you create will succeed--sometimes a design will do none of the above, and will fall absolutely, unequivocally flat on its face. And that's okay! Build failure into your design process- you shouldn't even try if you want to completely avoid failing, and nothing tried is always nothing gained. A great designer will push boundaries and learn from mistakes. Some of the stuff that you do will stink. Learn how to use that to your advantage to make your projects more successful."    (Continued via Functioning Form)    [Usability Resources]


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