Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tips for Designing Powerful RIAs: An Interview with David Malouf and Bill Scott

An interview about designing webpages with RIA's and AJAX ...

"The line between what we do on the web and what we do at our desk has significantly blurred. This presents opportunities for application developers that were previously unthinkable. Yet, it also presents challenges and puzzles to solve. We need to learn an entirely new interaction style, with new constraints and new boundary conditions. (For example, how do you make accessible AJAX work?)

UIE’s Jared M. Spool and Joshua Porter recently had the chance to talk with expert web application designers, Bill Scott and David Malouf, to discuss Rich Internet Application (RIA) development, AJAX, and other important issues surrounding the creation of sophisticated web apps.

Bill Scott is the Yahoo! AJAX Evangelist and a Design Manager for Yahoo!’s recently released Design Pattern Library. David Malouf is a Senior User Experience Designer at Symbol Technologies.

UIE: Let’s talk about Rich Internet applications and AJAX. At this point, is AJAX the predominant tool for creating RIAs? Are tools like Flash still coming into play?

Bill Scott: At Yahoo!, AJAX is predominant. AJAX has emerged as a cohesive set of technologies. But we still do a lot of work with Flash.

We chose to build our new web app, Yahoo! Maps, with Flash. However, one problem with Flash is that developers have to learn a completely new technology to build apps with it. One of the appeals of the AJAX technology is web developers can insert interactivity into the page incrementally and at a fairly low cost.

David Malouf: There’s something about the cost of entry for developers using AJAX. One of AJAX’s huge advantages is that developers can build on top of their existing platform and add more robustness to the existing platform."    (Continued via UIE)    [Usability Resources]


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