Friday, December 01, 2006

User centred design: is it working

A keynote at Ozchi 2006 with slides ...

"Here are the slides from my keynote at Ozchi 2006 last week. My talk was called "User centred design: Is it working?" which is a bit lame, but I really couldn't come up with a better one.

I talked about 3 things:

1. my take on where the practitioner user-centred design field is currently up to
2. a look at some of the neat apps practitioners are interested in (and I didn't say web 2.0 once)
3. what I think we need to do to move forward

... We have to stop selling usability. It doesn’t have a value proposition. Usability is a quality aspect of something – it is not a process, an artefact, a deliverable or anything that anyone cares about what you are going to give them. I read consultants websites and I think, if I didn’t already know about that, I wouldn’t have a clue about what you are trying to sell me.

We want to swoop in and be the centre of the universe and be involved and involved up front and be the centre of it and forget that we are working in teams and working in a context.
We’ve got to stop treating people like they are stupid, because they’re actually not. Developers are not stupid. I think Jakob Nielsen and Alan Cooper have done our whole field a disservice by peddling the fact that developers are stupid…They’re working within what they know, we work within the stuff we know and nobody ever knows everything. Nobody goes to work to do a bad days work. More than any community I’ve seen, our community treats them like they're dumb.

I think that Jakob Nielsen’s stuff should be removed from the galaxy…all those bloody rules that don’t fit in any context and lure people into a feeling that you can just get these rules and get it right."    (Continued via DonnaM)    [Usability Resources]


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