Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bad Usability Calendar 2007 is here!

See some funny ideas about bad usability in calendar design ...

"Finally, it’s here: This year the Bad Usability Calendar is, if possible, even less usable than previous years. Take a look at the earlier editions from 2005 (in Norwegian) and 2006. This years calendar displays exaggerated use of AJAX, navigation overload and a questionable topic map solution.

The process of making a new calendar started in November when we asked for suggestions on the new version. A special thanks to all of you that contributed! We recieved many creative ideas that we enjoyed and some that we used. We pledged that the best suggestion would be awarded a numbered version of the 2007 edition.

The winner idea came from Design Architect Dov Rosner at Amdocs Product Group. He proposed to dedicate one month in the Calendar to bad error messages. Bad error messages is one of the most annoying usability problems we know, and must rightfully be included in the Calendar. We have dedicated Mars to bad error messages. Thank you Dov! We also would like to give honorable mention to Sebastien Billard who proposed: - Use plain language : not “the month of the god of war” for “mars”. We used this idea on the making of February."    (Continued via IAllenkelhet)    [Usability Resources]

Bad Usability Calendar - February - Usability, User Interface Design

Bad Usability Calendar - February


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We've got the 2008 version for you to download as well - check out

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