Monday, January 01, 2007

The dark side of prototyping

No major problems but here are a few cautions ...

"How to steer clear of the pitfalls in prototyping.

Are there any downsides of prototyping? Not really. But as with everything else in life, you might stumble and hurt yourself if you don’t watch your step. This article points out some of the banana skins to steer clear off.

At a conference where I did my talk on the benefits of prototyping (based on my article The promised land of prototyping), a person in the audience had the nerve to ask me if there aren’t any downsides of prototyping. If I had had a spin doctor, I would have been prepared for that question. But I was taken by surprise. I couldn’t come up with a single drawback to prototyping.

After some weeks of pondering, my conclusion is that there are no real downsides to prototyping. At least not in the same way as there are downsides to nuclear reactors (they might melt down) and love affairs (you might get dumped). Prototyping can’t hurt. But of course, we may run into problems if we don’t play it wisely.

These are the most common pitfalls that I’ve heard of, seen others fall into, and fallen into myself:

• Not aligning the design with project constraints
• Going high-fidelity early in the design process
• Not involving colleagues"    (Continued via GUUUI)    [Usability Resources]

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Don't Slip Up


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