Monday, January 08, 2007

Does My Web Site Suck?

Lists of common Web design errors ...

"As promised, the article is up. I was up rather late so the Daily Sucker won't show up until noon PST.

Of all the e-mail questions I receive, "Does my web site suck?" is the question that amazes me the most. I used to answer these e-mails by saying the best way to figure out if your site sucked was to look around at the different sites and techniques featured on WPTS, read the Daily Sucker for a couple of weeks, and notice the similarities between what I mention and what's on your site.

Now, I’m providing an easy-to-use solution. Compare your site’s features against two easy-to-use checklists and find out if your site’s design sucks.

The article is broken up into four parts. It will make more sense if you read them in sequential order.

1. Does My Web Site Suck? Introduction — 148 Mortal Sins, 82 Possible Mortal Sins and 2 Ultimate Web Design Checklists
2. Does My Web Site Suck? Checklist 1 — 148 Mortal Sins That Will Send Your Site to Web Design Hell
3. Does My Web Site Suck? Checklist 2 — "How long can you French kiss before it's a mortal sin?" or "How many web design mistakes can I make before our site sucks?"
4. What do I do now? — A guy goes to the doctor's office ..."    (Continued via Web Pages That Suck)    [Usability Resources]


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