Thursday, January 04, 2007

Interview with tim brown, ceo of ideo

The role of the designer in an organization ...

"When thinking about using design to bring about change within your organization, it’s hard to not to consider the works of innovation and design consultancy IDEO. Tim Brown, president and CEO of IDEO, will be kicking off day two of Adaptive Path’s MX Conference — a conference on managing experience through creative leadership. At the MX Conference Tim will be sharing his insights into the changing role of the designer, and the new skills and methods that are emerging.

Below, is a transcription of my podcast conversation with Tim, where we talk about this new role of the designer, selling and prototyping experiences, and the role of user generated content in the creative process.

Brandon Schauer: Why is experience, as an element of competitive strategy, so tough to sell within organizations?

Tim Brown: Because it’s complex; it cuts across a lot domains and silos that organizations have been used to keeping separate from each other — marketing, product development, service. [It’s also complex] because the business models of innovative experience design are not well developed.

Organizations have a hard time figuring out how to monetize a lot of the work. A lot of it has to be done on a leap of faith. And there aren’t too many people that are really expert about talking about it in a way that’s compelling.

BS: Experiences are inherently cross channel, yet organizations typically aren’t cross channel. So how does a individual with an organization try to bring about some conscious approach to thinking across these channels?

TB: I think it’s one of the great opportunities that design has within organizations. Design is normally cross channel. In most organizations design has an opportunity to touch many things, so I think designers and design managers have an opportunity to create a great deal of influence around the design of experiences — by connecting opportunities through experience, by connecting design through design language, and just by looking at the various opportunities there are to connect the various channels. So I think design can play a really valuable role.

The other place where a valuable role can be played is in, I think, marketing. More and more we’re finding that marketing execs are realizing that the offer, how you communicate the offer, and how you deliver the offer are all versions of the same thing. [Marketing execs] are looking to stitch that together in various ways. We’re certainly finding in our business that it’s the marketing execs that are often most interested in talking about this stuff."    (Continued via adaptive path)    [Usability Resources]


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