Thursday, January 11, 2007

The iPhone Impact

Review of the iPhone experience ...

"... The iPhone is a revolutionary new product, aimed at completely redefining mobile as we know it. Even though I'm still reeling from the excitement, this is probably the biggest thing I've seen happen to the mobile industry in the 5+ years I've been in it since well... phones.

The iPhone merges the needs of the user with technology into a very small and very compelling package. Rich with all the features you would expect from a phone, Apple puts its signature on the industry that leaves me spinning. Not one to imitate, Apple has simultaneously revolutionized the mobile device, media player, mobile service provider and mobile web in one masterful stroke.

... Revolutionizing the Mobile Device
The iPhone solves one of the biggest limitations of the mobile device, input and output. The all touch screen interface allowing for multiple finger taps, creates a dynamic user experience allowing for a qwerty keyboard to appear on screen when it is needed, like the Newton, Apple's first foray into handheld computing.

A touch screen is nothing new in phones, but allowing for multiple taps as well as gesturing for scrolling, resizing, etc, I believe Apple has found an intuitive method of doing complex tasks easily.

But in my mind, bigger than input is the output. The screen on the iPhone is incredible. Text is crisp and clear, with a resolution that is easy to read and use. Mobile phone displays aren't something that has seen a lot of miracles. Most phones look pretty much the same, resorting for bitmappy text that one comes in two or three sizes. Usually the only difference is brightness. The iPhone makes content on a portable device look comparable to hardest to duplicate screen of them all, a piece of paper."    (Continued via Blue Flavor)    [Usability Resources]


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