Saturday, January 27, 2007

Is Interaction Design Here to Stay?

Interesting excerpts from Designing Interactions ...

"This is an extract from Bill Moggridge's new book "DESIGNING INTERACTIONS", published by MIT Press in December 2006, in which he considers the future of the discipline.

"The decades ahead will be a period of comprehending biotech, mastering nature, and realizing extraterrestrial travel, with DNA computers, microrobots, and nanotechnologies the main characters on the technological stage. Computers as we know them today will (a) be boring, and (b) disappear into things that are first and foremost something else: smart nails, selfcleaning shirts, driverless cars, therapeutic Barbie dolls, intelligent doorknobs that let the Federal Express man in and Fido out, but not 10 other dogs back in. Computers will be a sweeping yet invisible part of our everyday lives: We’ll live in them, wear them, even eat them. . . . Yes, we are now in a digital age, to whatever degree our culture, infrastructure, and economy (in that order) allow us." Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab, 1998

We seem to be well on the way toward fulfilling these predictions that Nicholas Negroponte describes with such colorful images. Even if you doubt that we are already in a digital age, it is clear that we are marching relentlessly toward a condition where everything that can be digital will be digital. What does this mean for interaction design?"    (Continued via Usability News)    [Usability Resources]


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