Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jeffrey Veen chats with Irene Au, Director of User Experience at Google

How Google handles user experience ...

... "Jeffrey Veen: Hello, I’m here with Irene Au, the Director of User Experience for Google and a speaker at the Adaptive Path Management Experience Conference. I’m Jeff Veen, and we’re going to talk today about the opportunities and challenges of managing design at a company like Google. Welcome, Irene.

Irene Au: Hi! Thank you.

JV: Could you start by telling us a little bit about how you got to Google, and what your career has been like so far?

IA: Google is known for its amazing technology and for being such an innovative company. The intriguing challenge to me in coming to Google was to see how we could marry the technological prowess here, and just the culture of innovation that Google has, with [its] deep understanding of users’ needs and wants and desires. So you could build something that’s really meaningful and relevant for users in a game-changing way. That to me was the really exciting challenge about coming to Google.

JV: Well, that’s also sort of how things work in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is very, very innovation-based, but [it’s] almost purely technological innovation, right? It takes rare companies like Apple to come out with things that are not only interesting technological innovations, but really, truly ways of changing the way people view the world, or work in the world, or play in the world. So there are opportunities here at Google as well.

IA: Absolutely.

JV: I think there’s a lot of technological innovation here, a lot of opportunity to take that technology to users in ways that nobody has thought of yet.

IA: That’s right. Absolutely. Also with the brand that it has, the wide audience, and how Google has really become part of our daily lives and part of our vocabulary, there’s a tremendous opportunity to deliver amazing experiences beyond search at Google."    (Continued via adaptive path)    [Usability Resources]


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