Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Steve Jobs interview on CNBC

More on the iPhone from the horse's mouth - Steve Jobs ...

"Its' all about the iPhone today. You can't get around it and rightly so. It's truly is a revolutionary new phone and makes all other news today seem so dull.

Another video to watch, Steve Jobs interview on CNBC, via The Unofficial Apple Weblog, following his keynote address yesterday at MacWorld in San Francisco. Introduced as "a candid and comfortable Steve Jobs no question about it, basking in the glow of what promises to be apples next big red hot product."

CNBC: How important is this to apple computer and why?

Steve Jobs: You know time will tell. The Mac changed the whole computer industry and it really made computers easy to use for the first time. And brought graphics into the personal computer for the first time.

The iPod changed the way we listen to music and changed the whole music industry.

I think The iPhone may really change the whole phone industry. And I think give us something that is vastly more powerful in terms of making phone calls and keeping all your contacts on it. Having the best iPod we've every made fully integrated into it and having the Internet in your pocket with a real browser and real email, and the best implementation of Google Maps on the planet. Having all the stuff in your pocket and yet having it be10 times easier to use. I think this is where the world is going."    (Continued via    [Usability Resources]

Steve Jobs on the iPhone - Usability, User Interface Design

Steve Jobs on the iPhone


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