Sunday, January 14, 2007

Taking Time to Tour

UI design by looking over the competition ...

"Once we figure out what holiday gifts to get our loved ones, which can be a challenge in itself, e-commerce sites should make it easy to actually purchase and deliver the gifts. At least, that’s the theory.

Over at apparel retailer, if you find a bathrobe you think you’d like to send to both your Dad and your Uncle Joe, you actually have to buy them separately and perform the checkout process twice, entering all of your information each time. You have to really like Uncle Joe to want to go through twice the effort.

Over at, which has amazingly wonderful flowers (with magical powers that got me out of many jams), their checkout design is similar to JC Penney’s — to send flowers to more than one recipient, you need to go through the check out process for each one.

However, unlike JC Penney’s design, there is no shopping cart. Once you select a bouquet to purchase, the site immediately asks you where to send it. If you’ve sent them flowers before, the site remembers their shipping address, so it’s as easy as selecting from a pull-down. In addition, the site remembers all of your billing information, including your credit card number, so a single click can move you through that stage too. Proflowers’ designers have done a nice job streamlining the process of the second order.

The designers at Fairytale Brownies, whose gifts are made of chocolately-goodness, have also thought about optimizing the process of giving gifts. Upon starting the checkout process, you’re presented two buttons: ship to a single address or to multiple addresses."    (Continued via UIE)    [Usability Resources]

Fairytale Brownies - Usability, User Interface Design

Fairytale Brownies


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