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Usability - Documenting Interaction Design/Wire Frames with Visio and Word

Using Visio for wire frames ...

"Documenting Interaction Design/Wire Frames with Visio and Word
There are many ways to document an interaction design and the level of details needed is dependent on what your documenting and for what purpose. There has also been a lot of discussions on what the best tool for creating interaction designs and/or prototypes is (Visio, HTML, Axure, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Photoshop, Powerpoint etc.). The tool you choose is of course also dependent on what you are documenting and for what purpose. It is also much of a personal taste what tool one prefers to work with.

I have come to work mostly with Visio together with Word to document my interaction design. Even though the combination has its shortcomings, both Visio and Word are standard tools that I can use in any project and that people can easily access. But one big shortcoming that always has bothered me is the lack of having one single source for all information I want to document. With the Visio-Word combination I have to maintain two documents – Visio to illustrate the UI itself and Word to write things that cannot be expressed with dropdowns and checkboxes. I asked myself if there where any thing that could be done to keep Visio as the main source of information. After some heavy Googling I found out that using Visios custom properties together with some funky VBA macros could be a way to go…

Custom Properties
The result is presented here, yellow dots! Each yellow dot contains the information I want to document such as if a text field is mandatory and what happens when the user clicks a certain button."    (Continued via interakt)    [Usability Resources]

Read In Visio - Usability, User Interface Design

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