Monday, January 15, 2007

The user experience scene in China

Insight into user experience work in China ...

"Amit Pande, who manages Oracle’s User Experience practice in Bangalore, wrote an interesting post about his impressions of the user experience scene in China.

“First, let me start with saying that like many others in the technology & design space, I had also let some of the standard clichés about China seep within my head. Henceforth, I expected to meet some interesting people in China, see some interesting design companies, and see some good examples of Chinese design - the operative word being ’some’. I was told - the Chinese are still grappling with fundamental challenges – how to trade in the ideas marketplace largely ruled by the Anglophone world, how to encourage creative conflict and out of the box thinking in its universities, how to get out of the ‘factory of the world’ trap and move higher in the value chain. How can such a bounded and homogeneous and conformist communist nation be original and design and innovate?”

“One of the things about assumptions is that they have a life of their own, a self reinforcing validity, that if unchallenged, leads to the assumption becoming common wisdom.”

“The reality is that China has a bustling, vibrant and mature user experience scene. The Chinese design universe consists not only of cutting edge design teams in large established multinational companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft, Google, or Lenovo, but also scores of Chinese companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Taobao that seek to give multinational companies a run for their money, as well as specialist research companies and catalytic government institutions. In other words, China’s design ecosystem has all the necessary ingredients to put its unique signature in the international design scene. Much as Korea did a generation back, much as Japan did two generations back."    (Continued via Putting people first)    [Usability Resources]


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