Sunday, January 28, 2007

Web App Summit: Learning from Social Web Applications

A summary of points from a talk about Social Web Applications ...

"At the UIE Web App Summit in Monterey, Joshua Porter walked through what designers can learn from the success of Social Web Applications:

• Most people tend to focus on visual design when evaluating the quality of Web sites. However, several highly successful Web sites (My Space, Craig’s List, & Amazon) are not designed well from a visual or interaction design perspective.
• These sites, while lacking in visual & interaction design, have great social design.
• When conducting a large-scale e-commerce study, UIE found that users often went to before buying something on another e-commerce site to research their purchases. They called this the “Amazon Effect”.
• The content people used on Amazon was highly social: user reviews, recommendations, user-generated shopping lists, and more. In fact, Amazon had 11 social features on each & every product page.
• Sites with good social design model the social lives, goals, and interactions of their users.

Design Elements: the lowest-level building blocks of design that can be used to form higher-level structures.

• Visual Design: line, size, color, shape, texture, pattern, light, value
• Interaction Design: button, input, link, screen, navigation, cursor, check box
• Social Design: messaging, sharing, collaborating, rating, reviewing, gossiping, recommending, voting, arguing, networking"    (Continued via Functioning Form)    [Usability Resources]


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