Thursday, January 25, 2007

Welcome! Now go away!

Bad design at Yahoo ...

"This just in, from the "God bless and keep our customers...far away from us!" department.

Yahoo has taken the "first run" concept to new heights. The first time you use the new yahoo photo, it starts as a normal webpage*, looks like a regular page, then...BAM!

The screen goes grey. Going grey is a good way to indicate that you can't interact with those elements. Except...a second ago I could!

To give you a feel for what happens, you have to understand that the page doesn't load in a greyed out state, it loads in a "looks like it is fully interactive" style, then switches to the inactive state. As if to say, "Ha ha!" (queue that kid from the Simpsons). You thought you were in control, but WE are."    (Continued via User Centered)    [Usability Resources]

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