Thursday, February 22, 2007

Applying Color Theory to Digital Displays

Improving usability with color ...

"This article is Part III of my series “Color Theory for Digital Displays.” It describes how you can apply color theory to application program user interfaces and Web pages and provides many guidelines for the effective use of color.

Ensuring the Readability of Text Through Contrast
For backgrounds behind text, use solid, contrasting colors, and avoid the use of textures and patterns, which can make letterforms difficult to distinguish or even illegible. Choose combinations of text color and background color with care. Value contrast between body text and its background color should be a minimum of about eighty percent.

Enhancing the User Experience With Color

Apply the following design principles regarding the use of color to enhance the user experience of an application program or Web site:

Use color consistently throughout.
Before designing an application or Web site, establish design guidelines, including conventions for the use of color. These conventions should dictate all purposes for which you use color, what colors apply to specific types of elements, and the meanings associated with specific colors. Use these color conventions consistently throughout an application or Web site. Once users interpret the meanings of colors, they will apply those meanings wherever they encounter the colors. If your use of color is inconsistent, users will be unable to build a mental model of color usage or to reliably interpret the meanings of specific colors."    (Continued via UXmatters)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Good Contrast and Legibility Colors - Ergonomics

Good Contrast and Legibility Colors


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