Friday, February 09, 2007

Brands Are Inside-Out, User Experience Is Outside-In

The difference between experience design and brand design ...

“The problem is that “brand” will always be about the impression companies want to make, and are by their nature an ‘inside-out’ proposition — a company figures out its brand and what it means, and does what it can to communicate or otherwise impart that message to people. Brand always starts with the company.”

... For experience to succeed, it must start with the person, and from there, impress upon the company. “Experience” is outside-in.

The unfortunate company-centeredness of the Design Council’s discussion of brand is in evidence in their 13 examples — most of these are explicit branding ploys, attempts by various companies to impress their brand upon customers through environmental design that suffocates any attempt by customers to express themselves, their desires, what they as people want to accomplish.

This isn’t to say that these various examples are “bad” — they might be tons of fun, totally worth the time and money. But if “customer-centric relationship models” are a key element of experience design, what does that have to do with the Guinness Storehouse, “the ultimate experience of the character of Guinness”.

For “experience design” to truly succeed as a discipline, it will need to distinguish itself from brand strategy and design, and demonstrate its distinct value as a contributor to business..."    (Continued via Robin Good)    [Usability Resources]

Experience Design: Outside-In - Usability, User Interface Design

Experience Design: Outside-In


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